Jay was born in the small town of Oakley, Ks in 1995, to Stacey and Brad Temaat. Little did they know what their son’s life had in store for their whole family. When he was eight years old, a family friend, Skip Foley taught him rope tricks. Later that evening, Jay performed the small tricks at a ice-cream parlor they ate at. That day is what sparked the fire that is his love for magic. In 2005, Jay and his family moved to Frontenac, Kansas. He started attending Frontenac Jr. Sr. High School. He quickly became interested in the forensics, student government, and many other activities. He received multiple national speaking and acting awards throughout his public school career. Jay graduated high school two and a half years ahead of his class from Lawrence Virtual High School, in pursuit of performing around the world



In 2009, Jay attended the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, where he was accepted as 1 of the top 40 teens allowed to attend. Being in this magical atmosphere inspired Jay to want to do magic for his career! Jay was again accepted the following years. And in 2011, he competed in the World Magic Seminar Teen Competition. Jay received the highest scholarship a $1500 scholarship to the McBride Magic and Mystery School. He stayed in Vegas for the class, working with the top performing artists from around the world. Jeff McBride became a mentor and a great friend. This was a very special opportunity for Jay, and a turning point in his career. As magic became more and more serious for Jay, he started traveling and performing more shows than ever before. At only 16, Jay already had a blooming a career in magic. Brad and Stacey were very supportive, traveling with Jay around the country as he needed. His parents however did not push Jay to perform. FOX news stated “Stacey and Brad supported Jay, but his success would be completely up to him” Jay started attending an online college in Fort Scott Kansas in 2012. He is currently an emancipated 17 year old, and has taken the country as well as the magician community by storm. From some of the highest awards in magic, to representing North America in the World Championships of Magic. Jay’s long-term goal is to be a permanent fixture on the strip in Las Vegas.